Complete furniture repair and upholstery services in Kent and surrounding areas


At Declan Quigley Upholstery, we offer an upholstery service for both residential and commercial customers, offering a high standard of workmanship and service, using traditional skills, whether for antique or contemporary furniture.


From small repairs to the complete reupholstering of your furniture, we can provide a full service.  Just need the seating area sorting out? No problem! Many upholsterers will insist on complete upholstery, not just repairs, but we do the work you need, when you need it; we can replace linings, springs, elasticated webbing, etc, and have on many occasions carefully taken off and re-used the fabric avoiding the expense of having the whole suite re-covered with new material!


Whatever service we are performing for you, we will always ensure that the basic frame is sound and repair it if required; that is the only way to ensure many years of active use.  You may have treasured antique furniture that you like the look of but are afraid to use as it has become delicate.  More often than not, the issue is not just with the springs or webbing but with the frame having become loose (whether screwed together or pegged and glued) or suffering from woodworm or other infestation.  However, when properly restored, there is no reason why such furniture cannot be put to the use it was originally intended, rather than sitting as an unused museum piece.



Separating a seat frame
After years of use, many of the joints in seat components are likely to become loose. A first class job requires that these are separated and re-set, before any thought of reupholstery.
Parts for restoration
Individual components which have broken or been damaged by woodworm will need to be restored/replaced prior to getting the frame ready to take the strain of reupholstery.
Seat frame ready for re-set
Damaged plugs will need to be replaced and loose plug-socket joints tightened before the frame is re-glued and set in a compression brace. Similarly, in a screwed frame, worn screw-holes may need to be filled and re-drilled and damaged screws replaced.
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No job is too big or too small


From re-stuffing fibre filled cushions to complete reupholstery in a range of fabrics and colours to suit your taste and budget, for:


  • Three piece suites

  • Settees

  • Armchairs

  • Captain's chairs

  • Dining chairs

  • Ladies/nursing chairs

  • Library chairs

  • Stools

  • Seats

  • Tub chairs, etc.


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Successful upholstery - only as good as the foundations on which it is built...

Successful upholstery - an example in stages (the photographs concertina out - select each photo for a short description of each stage)...

Same principles apply to antiques

Professional upholstery in Kent

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